Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Prediksi Kamerun Vs Belanda Down

Tips Hamil - Dutch game while setting aside a beautiful soccer, and put the victory as the goal, turned out to get the justification and ex-Orange team's former coach.

Buku Panduan Lengkap Cara Cepat Hamil  - Netherlands, the first team to ensure sauntered into 16 large, after winning a match against the Danes (2-0) and Japan (1-0) in allowance for the Group E World Cup 2010 South Africa, admitted attacking football did not demonstrate that a trade mark that country never become European champions in 1988's. But coach Bert van Marwijk still get the thumbs up from the previous two former Dutch coach, Leo Beenhakker and Dick Advocaat.

Attractive games, which entertain the audience and praised the mass media, does not always give the best results. And Beenhakker and Advocaat can take a pragmatic approach that Van Marwijk is selected in the event at the 'Country of the Rainbow' this year.

"In Holland, we always put a good football game, and then chasing victory. But the lower strata of the current coach with more practical play," said Beenhakker, coach of the Netherlands in 1990 as revealed in the Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad.

"After previous World Cup appearances in which we get praise, he is now only concerned with how the title," said Beenhakker.

The Netherlands, runner-up in two World Cup 1974 and 1978, always puts a full game of bait philosophy, movement of the wings, and promote a game techniques.

"Bert van Marwijk prefers a balanced game. Playing good, but always thinking how to win games. I liked it," said Beenhakker.

Advocaat, the coach who led the Netherlands to the World Cup quarter-finals in 1994, could understand the game so far selected by Van Marwijk.

"The Dutch have been doing extraordinary things. Two games were won and had confirmed to the round of 16 large, making them no time to rest," said Advocaat.

"They're not just a very good team, but also went undefeated throughout the 21 matches. And if (winger Arjen) Robben returned to the show, they deserve to compete for championship trophies, 'said Advocaat again.

In the last match, the Netherlands met in Cameroon in Cape Town, Thursday (24 / 6). Action that is not going to stem the rate for Orange team with representatives of the Group F clash filled Paraguay, Italy, Slovakia, and New Zealand, to scramble into the quarter-final ticket. Real test for the game pragmatic Van Marwijk

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