Saturday, 4 December 2010

Lukman Sardi and Ariel

Objek Wisata - Not participate in the event Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) that does not mean closing the space for the film The Dreamer to be awarded. In two weeks, the film is directed by Riri Riza even have won two international awards.

Hotel Murah di Kuala Lumpur Ficci won first award from Children International Film Festival Madrid, Spain. The film, starring Lukman Sardi and vocalist Nazriel Irham aka Ariel "Peterpan", received a trophy Premio Juvenil (Youth Awards).

The second award, Mira said, that "The 3 Castles Award" in Castellinaria International Film Festival, Bellinzona, Switzerland this weekend.

"For we must send the movie to festivals outside because it could show the face of Indonesia to the international world," he met in Jakarta on Thursday (12/01/2010).

According to Mathias Muchus actor's wife, that they were important. "Not because of the rewards but the contents of the film we can provide a picture, the face of portraits, like what Indonesia. When getting more appreciation course is very fun at all," he said.

If ever he chose not to include the film in FFI, he said, more as a form of protest over not independent organization of FFI. "It's been four years we did not include our films in FFI. The reason is still the same as before. In my opinion FFI is still not independent, are still in the shadow of Budpar (Ministry of Culture and Tourism). So I would appreciate a more independent festivals like JIFFest or Bandung Film Forum, "he explained.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Increasingly Far with Mother

Daftar Hotel - Aurelie Moeremans dispute with the mother never let up. In fact, the farther Aurelie admitted with the mother.

Hotel di Surabaya"It was hell I like to vent (the mother). But it's not anymore. You see already away," said Aurelie after the screening at Planet Hollywood Sweetheart, Jakarta, Thursday (23 / 9).

Aurelie clashed with her mother because of prohibited relationships. The mother forbade Aurelie dating because it is still a minor. While Aurel feel old enough and worthy of dating.

"Because I'm too often regulated.'s Not allowed at this, bolehnya this partnership," said D'Love this movie star.

Previously, Aurelie had come to Indonesia it appears logical Child Protection Commission (KPAI). He came asking for help KPAI because his parents are prohibited from going out with Robbie Tremonti.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Teachers still displaced

Daftar Hotel - Schools near Gunung Sinabung, Karo District, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), many were closed today. Because many teachers are still displaced by the release of smoke from Sinabung.

Hotel di Jakarta"Today the schools were closed for all. There are one or two secondary schools in Sigarang holiday-sternly all. The teacher notices the children of the refugees to go home yet," said Terkelin Sembiring, Gugung Kuta Village, District Naman Teran, Karo District Saturday ( 08/28/2010).

Activity of any resident, added Terkelin, recovering 30 percent. There are still many residents who stayed in the pavilion shelter in Karo District.

To this day, added Terkelin, Sinabung still produce white smoke while not as thick smoke issued on Friday. The smell of sulfur is also still stung. Terkelin complained about the lack of medical assistance from local governments, but many residents in the surrounding mountains are experiencing shortness of breath because the smell of sulfur.

"At least they (government) to send medical teams and tell what should be done. Sent wear a mask from where. Should be given the instructions, what a handkerchief given to water or how. The people have suffered shortness of breath," complained Terkelin.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Game Online Video

Daftar Hotel - After attending a gathering with the community of Honda motorcycles in the city of Semarang, participants Smart Revolution Journey touring again continue the journey. The delegation left the Mall in Jalan Duta Pertiwi Merdeka (Semarang) at 16:00 pm next to the city of Holy tembuh distance 75 kilometers (km).

Hotel di Bandung - Still accompanied by 40 bikers from Honda motorcycle community of the City Lunpia, way back started by touring city, show off the community of Semarang. Some of the main road through entourage, among others, Jalan Gajah Mada, Simpang five, Heroes, Srivijaya, MT Hariyono, Kedung Mundu, Fatmawati and Majapahit

The length of the procession entourage reached one km. These conditions could create a line of scattered. Plus the density of roads due to enter the hours after work. But here precisely agility proved ciamik AT Revo Techno. Leisure duck matic (betik) proved convenient because handlingnya.

Participants should avoid, through and overtake the vehicle in front of him at a distance of less than two meters. Kijang Innova is trailing behind until the trouble passed. "Maneuver easily. The brakes also grip very old, from Jakarta to Semarang, I just use the rear brake and it's effective," said Fuad, 30, from the Honda Revo Club.

After about 45 minutes around town, the road back toward holiness by Kaligawe to Demak. Road crossing Highway and the Ring of Semarang-Demak Demak entourage traveled track conditions conducive dominated relatively straight tracks. Weather along the way in day-to-3 is also friendly, sunny. Arrive at City mayor at 16:55 pm.

Before entering the Holy City, is still in Demak Ring Road riders got treated to a straight track with a smooth asphalt surface. Leader of the group invites riders to play more in gas shells. As a result, the velocity of 80-90 km successful in reaching.

"Terrific, 80 km per hour and it felt lighter. There is absolutely no wobble. Leisure at high speeds awake," said Mario Augustine, 21, from Honda Supra Jakarta.

Moreover, continued Mario, comfort Techno AT Revo also from CV-matic technology equipped Honda. Switching between the teeth is very fine as to not feel. Also features a lock brakes are now using the lever, nothing like that applied in the model skutik (fused on the left handlebar brakes).

"We have to stop ditanjakkan, security would break lock pake maintained. What else is more practical operation," said Mario.

Travel Semarang-Kudus successfully reached by the time 5 hours. The average speed of 60 - km per hour. Fuel consumption, reduced only one strip of an integrated indicator of gasoline at the speedometer. All participants then spent the night at the Hotel Touring Ceriptha to get ready for take-Surabaya Holy fourth stage with the distance 260 km. Estimated arrival at City of Heroes at 19:35 pm.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Prediksi Kamerun Vs Belanda Down

Tips Hamil - Dutch game while setting aside a beautiful soccer, and put the victory as the goal, turned out to get the justification and ex-Orange team's former coach.

Buku Panduan Lengkap Cara Cepat Hamil  - Netherlands, the first team to ensure sauntered into 16 large, after winning a match against the Danes (2-0) and Japan (1-0) in allowance for the Group E World Cup 2010 South Africa, admitted attacking football did not demonstrate that a trade mark that country never become European champions in 1988's. But coach Bert van Marwijk still get the thumbs up from the previous two former Dutch coach, Leo Beenhakker and Dick Advocaat.

Attractive games, which entertain the audience and praised the mass media, does not always give the best results. And Beenhakker and Advocaat can take a pragmatic approach that Van Marwijk is selected in the event at the 'Country of the Rainbow' this year.

"In Holland, we always put a good football game, and then chasing victory. But the lower strata of the current coach with more practical play," said Beenhakker, coach of the Netherlands in 1990 as revealed in the Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad.

"After previous World Cup appearances in which we get praise, he is now only concerned with how the title," said Beenhakker.

The Netherlands, runner-up in two World Cup 1974 and 1978, always puts a full game of bait philosophy, movement of the wings, and promote a game techniques.

"Bert van Marwijk prefers a balanced game. Playing good, but always thinking how to win games. I liked it," said Beenhakker.

Advocaat, the coach who led the Netherlands to the World Cup quarter-finals in 1994, could understand the game so far selected by Van Marwijk.

"The Dutch have been doing extraordinary things. Two games were won and had confirmed to the round of 16 large, making them no time to rest," said Advocaat.

"They're not just a very good team, but also went undefeated throughout the 21 matches. And if (winger Arjen) Robben returned to the show, they deserve to compete for championship trophies, 'said Advocaat again.

In the last match, the Netherlands met in Cameroon in Cape Town, Thursday (24 / 6). Action that is not going to stem the rate for Orange team with representatives of the Group F clash filled Paraguay, Italy, Slovakia, and New Zealand, to scramble into the quarter-final ticket. Real test for the game pragmatic Van Marwijk

Friday, 4 June 2010

Download Video Porno Luna Maya Ariel

Cara Cepat Hamil - Ariel Lover, Luna Maya was degene die zelf ontkent in hete video in omloop. Hij zei dat de vrouw was in de video, net als een gezicht met zichzelf.

Buku Panduan Cara Cepat Hamil "Ik deed het niet. Niet te zien, heb ik nog berharapnya hel. Ja, ik was echt schok. Ik wil. Taunya onderzoeken gewoon hoor een nieuwsbericht aja. Juist vandaag gehoord (warm video Luna Maya)," zei Luna Maya in de studio van RCTI, vrijdag (4 / 6 / 2010).

Luna Maya toegelaten benieuwd naar de video. Luna noemde zichzelf ook van harte en ik hoop dat God zal hen die verspreid zulk een hete video terug te betalen.

"Ik denk dat wilt weten, moet er objectieve NIH mensen doen het. Dus ik hoop dat ... ja udahlah, ik ikhlasin aja. Ga willen, cape te vervolgen. Udahlah Ja ... Hopelijk ngebalesnya God," zei de minnaar van Ariel deze.

Luna Maya is eindelijk reageert op soortgelijke porno videos over zichzelf in cyberspace. Door middel van social networking, Luna toegelaten te worden gelet op het bericht Mama Laurent.

Vóór het overlijden, had een ontmoeting met Luna Mama zei dat Laurent in een kans.

"Dus, Remember Mama Laurent. Laatste vergadering zei hij eens: 'Je slechte levensomstandigheden km km velen in wegens laster org "schreef Luna in twitternya, vrijdag (4/6/2010).

Gerapporteerde eerder verspreide twee soortgelijke porno video met de titel Luna Maya Luna Maya video nasty en Ariel op de verkeerde website in het moederland.

Video overvolle besproken in sociale netwerken sinds donderdagmiddag gisteren, de eerste 2 minuten 37 seconden duur, terwijl de tweede video 6 minuten 39 seconden duren.

Volgens die de video heeft geplaatst in de virtuele wereld, is het porno video genomen 03.23 en vervolgens in een van de hotels in Bali.