Friday, 27 August 2010

Teachers still displaced

Daftar Hotel - Schools near Gunung Sinabung, Karo District, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), many were closed today. Because many teachers are still displaced by the release of smoke from Sinabung.

Hotel di Jakarta"Today the schools were closed for all. There are one or two secondary schools in Sigarang holiday-sternly all. The teacher notices the children of the refugees to go home yet," said Terkelin Sembiring, Gugung Kuta Village, District Naman Teran, Karo District Saturday ( 08/28/2010).

Activity of any resident, added Terkelin, recovering 30 percent. There are still many residents who stayed in the pavilion shelter in Karo District.

To this day, added Terkelin, Sinabung still produce white smoke while not as thick smoke issued on Friday. The smell of sulfur is also still stung. Terkelin complained about the lack of medical assistance from local governments, but many residents in the surrounding mountains are experiencing shortness of breath because the smell of sulfur.

"At least they (government) to send medical teams and tell what should be done. Sent wear a mask from where. Should be given the instructions, what a handkerchief given to water or how. The people have suffered shortness of breath," complained Terkelin.

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