Saturday, 4 December 2010

Lukman Sardi and Ariel

Objek Wisata - Not participate in the event Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) that does not mean closing the space for the film The Dreamer to be awarded. In two weeks, the film is directed by Riri Riza even have won two international awards.

Hotel Murah di Kuala Lumpur Ficci won first award from Children International Film Festival Madrid, Spain. The film, starring Lukman Sardi and vocalist Nazriel Irham aka Ariel "Peterpan", received a trophy Premio Juvenil (Youth Awards).

The second award, Mira said, that "The 3 Castles Award" in Castellinaria International Film Festival, Bellinzona, Switzerland this weekend.

"For we must send the movie to festivals outside because it could show the face of Indonesia to the international world," he met in Jakarta on Thursday (12/01/2010).

According to Mathias Muchus actor's wife, that they were important. "Not because of the rewards but the contents of the film we can provide a picture, the face of portraits, like what Indonesia. When getting more appreciation course is very fun at all," he said.

If ever he chose not to include the film in FFI, he said, more as a form of protest over not independent organization of FFI. "It's been four years we did not include our films in FFI. The reason is still the same as before. In my opinion FFI is still not independent, are still in the shadow of Budpar (Ministry of Culture and Tourism). So I would appreciate a more independent festivals like JIFFest or Bandung Film Forum, "he explained.

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